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By Serena Makaveli and Typhoon Angels

In conjunction with Stichting Dona Daria

Date and Time:

  • Frequency: Every other Monday

  • Time: 19:00 to 22:00

Join us for an evening of community, connection, and ki-ki at C.U.N.T.Y. Mondays. We extend a warm invitation to all community members to gather and share in this unique experience with us.

Event Highlights:

  • Community Connection: C.U.N.T.Y. Mondays serve as a platform to connect and strengthen our community. Together, we create a warm and inviting living room atmosphere.

  • Engaging Activities: During C.U.N.T.Y. Mondays, we will engage in various activities, including mingling, watching inspiring ballroom videos, and hosting informative Q&A sessions related to ballroom culture and life.

By the Community, For the Community:


C.U.N.T.Y. Mondays are a reflection of our commitment to community-building. This event is organized by the community, for the community, emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and togetherness.

Entrance Information:

  • Entrance Fee: FREE

Join us at C.U.N.T.Y. Mondays, and let's celebrate the power of our community!

Typhoon Angels


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